In the big picture, my life’s mission is to

Help provide both individuals and businesses with the tools and the knowledge to reduce waste in all aspects of their lives and their business.

Help individuals and businesses discover & define their true purpose, share their uniqueness with the world, and ultimately “bring out the best” in them.


There is no bigger reward in life than the satisfaction of feeling that you have made a positive difference in someone else’s life.

What do we do?

We offer classroom, on-site, and /or individual one on consulting with the planning and implementation of SOPs, Lean Principles, Estimating, Best Practices, Sales Techniques, Customer Service Skills, Management Training, Marketing, Website Development, Social Media Marketing and much more.


We combine a variety of teaching techniques in order to maximize your results. It has been proven that people learn the best by seeing, listening, and then doing what they have been shown. Therefore we make sure that we use all of the above techniques in order to give everyone the best chance of maximum retention while learning.

Stop Wasting Time With Busy Work.

Simplify your workflow and get back to what matters. Micazen Technology can help you run your bodyshop without spending all day on tedious tasks like data entry or paperwork. When you invest in the right system, the benefits are clear.