Setting Goals

If you have read any or all of my previous posts, you may be feeling positive but still may not be sure where and/or how to start.

The first thing I would suggest is to take two blank pieces of paper and title them both with the name of the goal you are trying to achieve. Think of this as your ultimate target or vision.

On the first piece of paper make a list of all the things that will be necessary to accomplish your goal (vision). Make sure you include “everything”.

Take the second piece of paper, and section it into three areas with the following headings:

  1. Immediate Goals – these will be your 30 day targets
  2. Short Term Goals – bigger goals that will take approximately 6 months to a year
  3. Long Term Goals – Usually these goals are set anywhere from 3-5 years

Categorize each of the items from the first page into these three areas. If you have completed this correctly, everything on the first page should be now crossed off the list and you should see a flow or pattern emerging of how completing the immediate goals will help form the foundation/platform for the short-term goals, etc.

Now it’s time to really get started. Take out your calendar and schedule the appropriate time DAILY in order to do whatever is necessary for you to reach your immediate goals. BLOCK OFF TIME FOR YOU! Schedule EVERYTHING else in your life around this schedule. (Don’t waiver).

Then set monthly goals or targets of where you need to be or what needs to be accomplished in order for you to meet your short-term and long-term goals. Make sure they are bold and highlighted somewhere visible for you to see on a daily basis.

Finally; but probably one of the most important steps: Create a corresponding REWARDS list!  At each milestone (goal achievement) link it to a reward and make sure that the reward means something! Why? Consider it both motivation for reaching the goal, but also as positive reinforcement or “pat on the back” for reaching your target.

These same principles can be applied for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in life. Whether they be your own personal goals, business goals, family goals if you break down your long-term vision into smaller attainable pieces and include rewards along the way to help you (or your team) celebrate your accomplishments the ACHIEVEMENT of these goals will just “happen”.