Are you enthusiastic?

Do you (and your people) sincerely believe in your product or service? A good friend told me that when I wasn’t having fun anymore and I felt that what I was doing was a job; I needed to move on to something else.

Ultimately, if you enjoy what you are doing and you believe in your product or service it is easy to get up in the morning enthusiastic. When you are excited about what you are doing and your product or service; people around you know it and they get excited too.

I have spoken with a TON of Collision Centre owners and managers over the years and it still makes me laugh when they don’t believe they are in a sales position. Of course, they are! They are offering a service to a customer and have to sell themselves and their facilities in order to sell or retain the repair.

Every person that has a point of contact with the Customer, Insurance Company, and/or Vendor Partner is selling the company on a daily basis. Are they all enthusiastic? Do they all truly believe you have the best product and/or service? If they are not; your business may be quietly suffering and you may not even be aware of it.

Request and embrace feedback from all parties (your customers, your Insurance Companies, and your vendor partners). Ask them to rate you and give you feedback. If you receive positive feedback; then share it and enjoy it. It will help make you and your team more enthusiastic. If you receive negative feedback; take it as good constructive criticism. Discuss the negative as a group and learn from it. It will assist you to become better by improving certain areas of your business.

I personally have worked in the Collision Industry for a long time and every day I get up with one question in mind. What can I do in order to help others succeed? When I struggle to accomplish this; I research in order to find another way and then work harder. When I do help a shop improve their business; my enthusiasm for what I am doing magnifies.

What are you doing in your business?